September 11, 2011

America the Beautiful.

Posted in Life as I live it at 7:35 pm by A Witty Fool

I haven’t blogged in a while, I think because I over think things, and when that happens, everything seems too trivial to bother other people with. Today though, seemed as good a day, or even a muchBETTER day to speak.

It was one of those great days that only seem to come in April and/or Septemer, too cooler for summer and too hot for winter. School had just resumed, but I knew that it was going to be too great a day for class, so, I was going to skip school. I had my plans made. Sleep in late, take a long walk in and around the Boston public gardens, take pictures, have lunch, meet up with friends, see a movie and then have dinner. 10 years later and I still know just exactly, what I was going to do.

I woke up to my sister screaming at me, to wake up, wake up and SEE! I woke up and ran into the living room, just intime to watch the second plane fly into the second tower. 10 years later and I still remember the taste of bitterness in my mouth. I remember wondering if my mouth was bitter because I hadnt brushed my teeth yet, or if it was the bile in my stomach rising up.  It’s so strange, 10 years later that that is what I remember from that morning.

Today, it’s kinda strange to know that the entire world changed while I stood there tasting the biterness in my own mouth. That hated could be so strong, so completely dominating in any heart and over what?  difference in religion, belief? seems ludicrious. Jealousy? seems very American of me to even think it.  10 years later and the obvious answers seem to be almost to simple, too ordinary to have inspired such hate and those actions. Maybe I am just too sane, or too unreligious, too basically human.

This was supposed to be an inspirational blog, about healing, forgiving and moving on. I guess, I am not as well rounded as I had previously assumed. So I will just say: By the end of that day, I finally, for maybe the very first time ever, felt very, VERY PROUD to be an American…

it comes and goes, but today, 10 years later, I felt it again, 10 times as strong. America may have tripped, stumbled and fallen, but we will become what we once were, and maybe even more, because we are NOT anchored down, by the kinda hate that inspired that dreadful day. Martin Luther King would be so proud!