June 11, 2011

Under African Skies

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I am trying to compile a group of essays by and about the African female, on what life is, and what life is about for them. .. US. The only stories out there about African women are mostly written by African males, or by foreigners looking into to our culture and into our lives and telling us what they see and/or what we are.  So why don’t WE, tell OUR stories?

 This is not a collection of short stories, but a collection of our ideas, our ideals, our perspectives, our visions, our beliefs and especially our experiences and how they are all coloured by our identities and cultural conditioning, i.e, how does the world look and feel to you being both AFRICAN and FEMALE.

This is a project that has been dear to me for a while, sadly, I haven’t been getting a great response to the feelers that I have been putting out and even the few responses that I have received so far, have rarely been up to par or along the lines that I had in mind, so I am taking another tact and YOU guys are it.

 Currently tittled: Under African Skies: African women tell their truth about loving, laughing and living. It can be serious minded or tongue firmly in cheek, about any topic from world issues like Obama and Osama to not so grand topics like Hair care. Sex, Motherhood, friendship, travel, relationships, marriage, education, school, etc, no topic is too big, small or insignificant. The only requirement is that, you talk about how your life or view in this aspect of life is coloured by you being African AND female.

I have the ida of breaking the essaying into sections like:

On Love and Marriage (or being Single)

On Politics

On Family (Parenthood, Childhood, Sibling relations). et

Now to the IMPORTANT stuff. MONEY. Sadly, I can make no promises or guarantees regarding monetary compensation, as I will be self-publishing and promoting. However, if any real profit is made, I will endeavor to spread it around as fairly as possible.

Any and ALL submissions, should be sent to: SubmitSkies@yahoo.com and should be accompanied by a short biography about the author, including country of origin and current residence and any other personal information you wish to add.

Submissions will be accepted until the end of December 2011 after which I will get into assembling the final drafts, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas for promotion, etc, please email me, also at: SubmitSkies@yahoo.com

Or drop me a comment at: www.awittyfool.wordpress.com