January 21, 2011

Versatile AND Stylish….. Me?!

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:18 pm by A Witty Fool

So, I was recently awarded the “Versatile and STylish” award by both LucidLilith AND Mamuje. Considering that these are two very prolific and interesting blogggers, I have to say, I am quite flattered. So, in accepting this award, I have to say Seven things about myself and nominate Fifteen people for the V.and.S award.

So for my Seven things:

1. I read alot. … and I mean ALOT! I currently own eXactly 427 books, but that is only because I gave 223 to libraries and charities around my home when I was moving out of the country for a few years some time ago.  it HURT!

2. Like LucidLilith, I HATE crying. When I do it or feel like doing it, I always think it is a waste of a real and strong emotion that I could be using to motivate myself. When others do it, all I see is not so subtle manipulation. (dat probably doesn’t say much about my perception os others.)

3. I am sensitive. Now, that does not mean I will cry if you call me fat and ugly. (I would Kick your freaking ass, but… I digress!) No, I mean that I am super sensitive to emotions and auras. I can almost see them in colour. You know how people say “I saw Red” when they get angry? I can actually see the red around an angry person, the sky blue around a cool person, the deep purple around a person with intergrity. … yeah, I know. I sound crazy.

4.  I am quiet. Very quiet. I rarely speak. Like the crying thing, I’d rather save my energy, especially if I dont have something constructive or positive to say.

5.  I love being in love.  The rush of excitment, happiness, etc. I fall in very quickly, sadly, I have pretty HIGH expectations from people, so I tend to fall out just as fast. ( Reason Numero Uno, why I am currently single.)

6.  I didn’t realize that this would actually be hard to do. I can NOT think of seven things to say about myself. Sad AND scary!

7. I am a Gemini. I always say I don’t believe in that Zodiac signs and I don’t. the Predictions usually are utter rubbish, but the character descriptions of the Gemini female, especially the bit about being two distint people in one head (twins, get it?) seem to fit me to a T.  

Thank y’all for dropping by and thanX LL and M’je for the award. and since I do NOT KNow fifteen people, let’s see what I can rangle up:

My nominees for Versatile and stylish are:

Lucidlilith: because I love your blog and because your blog about Lilith which was the first one I ever read really made an impression.

GoodNiajaGirl: because I really do think she is awesome and Fun and alot like me. (not sure why)

Mamuje: because she is nuts! (mostly) but also pretty versatile

Kay.9: for being friendly and Funny

Faith B:  because she is pretty cool, for a person who lives in my computer, but also because anyone who loves Supernatural is a true love of mine and obviously has great taste as well.

J.A.M: even though she NEVER reads my blog or leaves me comments.

Doll: because she alwasy reads my blog and leaves me comments.

and …. em….. ok. thats it. like I said I dont really know 15 people / blogs. I really need to come online more often.



  1. Ginger said,

    Girl, I feel you on the book love. My biggest problem moving house/country was where to offload my books. Sad. I miss them so. Meanwhile within 5 days in the UK I had amassed 10. But my experience from Naija is still fresh so I am taking it softly with new purchases.
    Your #6 is mute you know?? so also #7. So it was 5.5 things about you.lol

    p.s. Two distinct persons in one head ..aka bipolar?? teasing.. teasing.

    • A Witty Fool said,

      Ok Ginger, I’ll give one and a half more info about myself. … lol. … I am quite tall. I always say I am 6ft tall, but I am actually ‘only’ 5ft 11 inches.
      ps: NOT bipolar, more like multi.personality disorder. 🙂

  2. Ginger said,

    Now that’s to die for. I love tall witty girls!!

  3. Doll said,

    LOL. iv done it already byt yea, thanks, wow. you know the exact number of books you have. i should index mine as well

  4. I love books but wow…427 is a lot! Are there any genres you like most?

    I’m surprised by #4. Is it more a “I only talk if I have something to say” thing or are you a bit shy (which I’d find hard to believe)?

    I’m a Gemini too though I’m not a believer in horoscopes either. I’m also surprised (and envious) of your height!

  5. lucidlilith said,

    Awwww….thanks a lot for the mention…especially the post about Lilith.

  6. myne Whitman said,

    Wow, you have so many books! I love and used to buy books too. When I moved continents, I gave away about 60 books away to charity. Now I’m learning to buy less and use the library more.

  7. Simon said,

    Congratulations on winning the ‘Versatile and Stylish’ Award. Your self-confidence and self-worth are the results of your self-image!

  8. Stella Kodi said,

    You’ve got a really nice blog…congrats on Versatile and stylish award

  9. Adiya said,

    WOW at your books. That must have hurt! I love love books too- well stocked libraries are like candy stores to me lol. But i hate falling in love. It sucks lol

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