January 14, 2011

Getting to “YES”

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:39 pm by A Witty Fool

NO, this is NOT a blog on how to get your girl / man to say “Yes” to your proposal.

So, I was on my way to check out this new supposedly hip new Jazz bar that my sister had told me about. She had heard about it from a friend of hers and we had all been hyped up all week looking forward to some good food, great music and of course, the alcohol, when about half way there, we had to turn back around and head not to another bar/club/party …. even heading back home would have been pretty great too. No, we had to run around and head off to the hospital. The friend, M, who had told my sister about the Jazz bar, had just been run over by a truck.

She had passed on the night out, choosing to go grocery shopping and then home for a night of quiet alone time, when some bastard (Yes, dats what I called him… and I AM being polite!) who was texting, while driving. (SERIOUSLY! a grown ASS man! texting! … while driving! as they say in Nigeria .. Agbaya!) ran her down. Luckily, she was not killed. Unluckily,….. she got run over by a freaking truck! She is in the hospital and faces months and maybe even years of physical theraphy before she can regain full .. everything.

and ‘Yes’, I am just selfish enough to make this about me. I am not the most adventurous of people. Yeah, I like to travel and see new places, but that is the extent of my sense of adventure. When I am at home, I am a homebody, going no where, doing nothing. I like the peace and quiet, yes, but of course, I know that there is so much more to life than what is in my head or in my books.

Atropos the Fate was kind to let M. off when only almost all her bones broken, but she (Atropos) is not always so kind. For seeming so permanent and so strong, life is about as fragile as anything can get and Atropos can bring it to a short, swift end at any given time.

This is why, as the new year begins and everyone buckles down to make their resolutions for the year, I have decided to forgo all of the usual suspects in Resolution making.

Do I want to lose weight? Sure, but I will not resolve to. it hasn’t worked for the past ten years, so why bother, anymore?!

Do I want to become a better person? Not really. Truth is, the whole ‘nasty Bitch’ thing has always worked for me. (LOL. I kid of course. I am a saint!)

So, what am I going to do this year? … Here it is… I am going to say “YES!”

“YES” to anything everything!

Every invite: to a party, drinks, dinner, movies, sledding, business plan/ investment, and even (… hold your breathe) … Bunge jumping!

Yes, I know that I am still black and black folks don’t bunge jump (LOL), but you know something, it is time to shake things up! Loosen up! do something stupid!

and when I say stupid, I mean like… real… STOOPID!

Why? because life is so short

and because one day you can and the next you can’t! M. loved to live it up. Travel, have fun, adventures, life: SHe lived it as best she could and now, because of some grown ass-texting while driving-bastard of a man, she can’t do any of it any more. At least not for a while.

So, you have to ask yourself, what is it, that I can do now, that I am putting off? and what if when the time comes I am not able to do it, even if it is due to something as ordinary as old age?  I don’t know what that answer is for you. Shoot, I dont know what that answer is for me, so I am going to be looking to find it… EVERYWHERE. So, I will be agreeing to go, do, see, and say YES to anything!

and to prove that I am seriously going to at least try, I have just said my first “Yes”. Sadly, it is not to a proposal from Jensen Ackles (SERIOUSLY, you NEED to watch SUPERNATURAL if you are not!). No, I have said “Yes” to an invitation to go “Snow Tubing.” What Xactly is SNow tubing, you ask? I don’t know for sure, I hear it involves sitting inside a plastic tube ad being shoved off a snow capped mountain. … …  …  …

I hear Screams in my future!



  1. Doll said,

    wow. sorry about your friend.
    Thank God she is alive

  2. Casey said,

    sounds like a fun way to live life. let me know how that whole “Snow Tubing” thing works out. I hear it’s fun. Glad M. is okay.

  3. lucidlilith said,

    Witty I think you just had a epiphany.
    Congrats. And yes.
    But – please don’t get fat.
    Or get drunk and have a one-night stand and get pregnant or worse…herpes.
    Or jump from an airplane because that shit aint right.

    I have more but I dont want to ruin your mojo…

    • A Witty Fool said,

      lol at jumping off a plane…. I am crazy, but to do that, I gotta be dumb AND crazy!

  4. Ginger said,

    I love the Newyeartitude, Witty. Very positive. I’ve always thought everything (well almost everything) is worth a try before you get to say No.

  5. Adiya said,

    WORD. I’m so going to bungee jump once i get the opportunity. I think that qualifies for very stupid lol. Yes Yes Yes!

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