January 2, 2011

A look forward, a glance back.

Posted in Life as I live it at 7:37 pm by A Witty Fool

2010. That Bitch of a year if FINALLY over! Bless you Lord! Although for a year that started with the Big Bang that was the Earth Quake in Haiti, it kinda went out on a fizzle. Now do I sound bitter? like I am holding a grudge against this past year of our Lord? Well, lets review, shall we?

The quake in Haiti… okay, so it did not affect me personally, but seriously, considering that they are still recoveing bodies and people are still dying from diseases that resulted from the quake … well, all of humanity, I think can count that one as a strike against them.

Then of course there was this whole incident of some crazy white bitch (yeah, dats what I said!) who accused my brother if raping her, simply because he dumped her scheming ass. SHE cheated on him, got pregnant by the other man and then when he dumped her and their child, my bro was kind enough to help her out financially. She apparently took that to mean that they might be reuniting (and it felt so gooood) He on the other, (thank God!) has a brain in his head and told her: NOT gonna happen! She tried to force his hand by treatening to cry rape. He didn’t bulge. SHe cried Rape and then could not back down, after the police had gotten involved and tried to arrest my bro. Case went to court and everything. Turns out she could not convince even her own parents that my bro, who had been nothing but nice to her and her family EVER of her story and case got thrown out. Now, if you are black and live in America, you KNOW that when a black man is accused of Raping a white girl, then asthey say in Warri : “yawa don gas!” because his ass is going down… well Xcept in the OJ Simpson case, but he was rich and famous. My bro was neither and he still managed to escape her clutches unscathed. … and unlike OJ, his Innocence was NEVER in doubt, not even by her lawyers and parents. just to throw this out there… God IS Good! dont ever let anyone tell you different!

There is also the fact that I was unemployed and broke for what seemed like more than half the year. Believe me, a state of perpetual brokeness is not an ideal place to find oneself. However, again, by the time the ran out its course, I was employed. still broke perharps, but working on it!

Also, my family got a lil’ bit bigger. that’s right, one healthy baby boy bigger …. no, I did NOT have a baby. My sister did. A boy who by all accounts got his fabulous good looks from yours truly…. that’ll be Moi!

hmmm…. now that I look back, 2010 may not have been so bad. I did after all get to meet Jose … and just in time for my birthday too.

I fell in love.  With a tall, handsome, green eyed monster. Monster because he was in love with someone else. Well, actually, I fell in love like five different times, but if you know me, then you know that thats just routine. Still, the heart breaks every time. I think my heart may be in too many pieces to ever fully repare, or maybe it is true what they say, that every time your heart breaks, in its healing, it expands to love even deeper. In that case, I am the most capable Lover ever! … take that anyway you want. 🙂

Goodbye 2010. I gotta say, I did not realize then, just how good you were to me.

So, looking into 2011, what do I see? For one, I have put my brother’s hand on a bible and made him swear off white girls. Now, that is not to say I am being racist. I have no objection whatsoever to fabulously goodlooking white guys. In short, I tend to love them just as much as I do fabulously goodlooking men of any pigmentation…. so if you know any, we should talk. :p

I am also working on the whole weight loss thing. For those of you that do not know, I am super hot. Hotter than Halle Bery in a topless bikini, on a summers day in Jamaica. However, I do have a bit of a weight problem that I have been working on since …… well, since before Halle Beryy was hot. This year, I intend to make great strides in achieveing some sort of goal. This is the only loss I intend to take lying down in 2011. I have joined a gym… yes, but will I actaully go, you ask? I hope so, it cost like 150 a month (and No, I dont mean Rupees)

Sadly, the year has not been off to a good start for me. I got dumped! on New Years day (Jan 1st)! Ain’t that about a low down dirty shame! I know! I am in shock and totally devastated. and this shocking and cruel act was perptrated on me, by none other, but my father. My very own parent! I am appalled! See, he had two ticked to see the Broadway show FELA! A musical about the the life of Nigerian Afrobeat artist Fela Kuti. A show being sponsored by Will and Jada Smith, as well as Jay-Z and his wife. And as this this the last showing on broadway, I had it on good authority that they would all be ther for the closing. I was pumped! had my camera readied and my outfit picked out (I did not intend to be out done by Beyonce!) and what happened? on the night before the Jan 2nd (last) showing, my dad ruthlessly and unceremoniously dumped my black ass in favour of his wife. Like seriously! So, now I am bitter and nursing a grudge. NOTHING (well, eXcept maybe CASH!) will ever heal this wound! I mean, what a way to start off the new year!

as they say in Nigeria, “Kai!”

oh well. Welcome all to the Year of our Lord: Two Thousand and eleven. Now matter what kind of two thousand and ten you had, here’s hoping, eleven is a vast inprovement!



  1. Faith B said,

    Wow! What a year you had! I guess we all had our highs and lows in 2010…Here’s to a 2011 that’s so fantastic, it’ll make 2010 a hazy blur!

  2. Mamuje said,

    Waoh what a year you’ve had…dont worry this will be a much better year. I didnt know your brother went through that. It must have been totally awful. thank God things got better.

    • A Witty Fool said,

      yeah girl, happened right after he came home from the hospital n d surgery. the Devil wey follow am during this period no be baby one oh! but as always happens when God is on you side… we kick im ass!

  3. lucidlilith said,

    Here’s to hoping and wishing and praying that 2011 will be awesome.

  4. PET Projects said,

    Just like mine, your 2010 is definitely one u wanna forget in a hurry… here;s praying 2011 brings you more joy than u ever expected.

  5. Hopefully you will enjoy or at least get through okay the 2nd half of 2011 and beyond. Just the other day I was reading of Fela Kuti in my Encyclopedia of 20th Century World Music. I read he was a musician who was a proponent of “Afrobeat” Then I listened to him on youtube.com. Cool stuff!!! Jada and Will Smith plus JayZ. Kuti’s in excellent company.

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