December 19, 2010

What would YOU do?

Posted in Life as I live it at 12:53 pm by A Witty Fool


On the news just yesterday in Boston, some homeless man found a wallet full of somebody’s cash, probably their Christmas bonus or shopping money. And what does he do? He turns it in to the police who help him find the VERY happy owner.

Same thing happened not too long ago as well. Another homeless man turned in a briefcase full of cash that some careless idiot had dropped and walked away from….THOUSANDS of dollars and I do NOT mean monopoly money and he turned it in to the police who found the owner and returned the cash.

Three words: God BLESS ‘em!

In this season of giving and gross over spending and in an environment where greed is no longer a deadly sin, but a synonym for ambition and drive AND in this very sucky economy, two men who have so LITTLE that they have been reduced to living on the streets, with the entirety of their life’s worth fitting into raggedy push carts, found free money … FREE MONEY(!!!)… and they returned it to the rightful owners.

I am sure, like me, who is so broke I have decided that after 2000 years, Jesus won’t mind if I skip this one Christmas, both of these men probably, have had dreams of winning the lottery, tripping of cash, some how getting money with out having to do much for it (ok, so I am lazy too). I know I have had reams of bumping into a box of cash, left abandoned by some careless fool or … maybe of Bill gates wallet falling on my head while I am walking down an abandoned New York street (no witnesses!) Maybe I am just too crooked for my own good or maybe I need to catch some of that Christmas spirit thing that seems to be going around …….. . . .   .   .   .      . either way, when I heard the news, I was very impressed and touched and I seriously had to take stock of myself (which I hate to do) and of my life. I am broke, but at least I am employed, unlike one of these men who lost his home after he lost his job in the aftermath of the economic burst. I also have a nice warm home to go to everyday, with a roof over my head, good food, paid bills and even enough to be able to buy a book, on sale, once in a while.

……. Yet, what would I have done if I had gotten my hands on a wallet full of money? I like to say that I would return it. In fact, I believe that I would turn it in ( thanX to my dad who did his best to raise his kids right) but my shoes are VASTLY different from both of these men, who have so very much less than I do and for whom the finds would have made this Christmas worth living through and both of whom apparently, did not even have to dwell on it for 24 hours or even ‘pray’ about it, to ask God if this money wasn’t really a gift from Him (shoot, I would have asked… just to be SURE. surely, y’all understand!)

There is a popular phrase: “WWJD: What Would Jesus Do,” but forget about Jesus (for just this one second! Do NOT get to the pearly gates and mention my name oh!) what would you do? What would you have done? How strong is you need? And would it supersede your integrity?

It seems like such a simple story and the newscasters gave it less than a minute of air time, but for some reason, hearing their story filled me … finally… with the Christmas Spirit.

Hears hoping y’all have caught it already too. Merry Christmas!



  1. Doll said,

    WWJD..i used to wear a bracelet that had that inscribed, and it did help put me in check..i went for xmas carol last night and that filled me with the xmas spirit as well

    Merry xmas

  2. Mamuje said,

    Well….until then. I really dont know what I would do. In Nigeria its a different ball game. You give it to the police and the money ig GONE!

  3. Ginger said,

    I’m with Mamuje on lost money becoming untraceable money if it gets to the police. But when the only safe place is the finders’ wallet/home, the phenomena of finders keepers begins to play. God help us all to do the right things for the right reasons.

  4. Faith B said,

    Hmmmm….What would I do? Turn it in, cos that’s the way I function. (Sucks I know, lol!) But seriously, I’d like to reiterate what you said; ‘forget about Jesus for a while’…
    We all KNOW what Jesus would do, that’s never been in doubt. In the end, the real question is “what would we do”?, when faced with situations that test our integrity, that call for us to put our ‘faith’ where our mouth is. Great piece.

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