October 25, 2010


Posted in Life as I live it at 7:06 pm by A Witty Fool

A couple of months ago, mid-summer, when the days were still long and the nights, short, I woke up super early and went out for a walk. I think I may have gone to bed a bit early the previous night, but whatever it was, by 5am, I was all slept out. So I woke up, got out of bed and with over an hour left before my day could officially begin, I put on some decent clothes and went out for a stroll along the beach.

                It was a beautiful day. The Sun had also just awoken and so after walking for about 30 minutes, I sat down on the sand, stretched out my feet and watched as it t\(the Sun) slowly and gently, but with confidence poured itself into the horizon and begin to make its way up and across the sky. As I sat and watched, the silence enveloped me and the only thing that penetrated that silence, was the sound that ocean made, as beat against the shore in a seeming reluctance to concede its inevitable border. I sat there as the Sun quickly made its way into the sky, turning everything from a dark dusk, to a misty Silver, then a pale blue, finally giving in to a rush of oranges, and reds, yellows, blues and whites. I sat there marveling until reality began to intrude, bringing with it the sounds of a waking day: car horns blaring, music pumping, lights coming on in the buildings across the street. My footsteps where no longer the only ones in the sand, as other walkers and runners began to thread their own paths and with a perhaps sad sign, I stood back up and found my way back home, eager to begin my day.

I had never woken up so early before and I always thot that I hated it, or would hate it if I ever had to. But after that, I woke up very early, as many times as I could, walked out to the beach, sat down in the sand and for 30 minutes a day, the ocean, the air, the silence, the breeze, the Sun, the silence and the beauty, were ALL mine! I discovered something about myself that day, I enjoy waking up early. (who knew!?!)

                Same thing a few weekends ago; I was bored and so when I received one of those spam emails with a recipe in it, I decided… “Hey I am bored, might as well try it.” So I went grocery shopping and as I chopped, diced, stirred and sautéed, I suddenly realized that I was enjoying myself.  I really was! I had always thot that I hated cooking, could not be bothered to do it, but for the past few weekend since, I have tried a few other recipes (my baked ziti and lemon chicken… totally killed!) and my Egusi soup was so freaking good (if I do say so myself!) Nowadays, I catch myself browsing the internet, searching for recipes to try, or ingredients to substitute for others, etc.

                Apparently, I am on a journey of re-discovery, rethinking my likes and dislikes. I like to wake up early, even now that it’s a bit cold. I wake up, bundle myself up and head out to wait for the Sun. I cook and apparently, I have a great instinct for it… (my Salmon with Pepita-butter sauce is still being talked about.) and I love to swim and even though I am no Michael Phelps (yet). A few months ago, I would have said that the only thing I really loved to do was read, but now I am down to reading just one book a week, because my time is now spent cooking, swimming and waiting for the Sun. What’s funny is now that I have started up again, I remember that I used to love to cook. I remember sitting on a small wooden stool, watching my grandmother prepare Banga soup with periwinkle … funny the things we remember. I don’t know what happened, maybe I just got too spoiled.

Now, I feel like I am re-discovering the person that I was, before I became the person that I am. It promises to be an interesting journey.