September 27, 2010

Highly Recommended!

Posted in Life as I live it at 8:09 pm by A Witty Fool

So, I played Hooky today. .. did NOT go in to work. .. yep.. took the day off. well, its not like I have become irresponsible in my old age  ( YES, I have been responsible, up until now… is somebody saying otherwise?… my dad doesnt count!). I woke up with a migraine, so I called out sick, took some medicine and hit the sack. When I woke up later this morning (well, about Noon, really) I felt much better so, I ca’perd the diem.

First, I went shopping. Window shopping dat it…. I am currently financially challenged, which made actual shopping a diificulty, but I strolled the mall, oogled, tasted, tried on and felt up all kinds of stuff.

then off I went to the gym… No, NOT to exercise, to swim. Yes, I said to swim. AFter a couple of decades and odd years on planet earth, I can finally swim…. and when I say Swim, I mean… keep my head above water as my body flays about gracelessly underneath the surface, but at least I float.. as opposed to sinking like a rock, which is what I used to do. All this after two months of swim lessons.  

after swimming a couple of hours, I went to the movies, walked home, relaxed as I finally finished a book I started a while ago and remembered that I havent blogged in a long long time…. so here I am blogging again.

all round, it was a nice day… even though I am nowa few bucks broker than I was yesterday

So to catch y’all up on the happenings this summer:

My sister had a baby, so now I am an aunt.

Took a FABUlous road trip to Washington DC and Baltimore.

… and ran into yet ANOTHER short guy, named……….   that’s right y’all….. Jose!! … to keep a long story short (pun intended) …  this Jose pretty much guaranteed me some mind-blowing oral sex, if I allowed him to “wet his dick.”.. and dat is a direct quote. … I am begining to suspect that some one (U know who YOU are!) is yanking my chain on this Jos’e thing.

so how y’all been?!



  1. Doll said,

    wet his dick..? hmm..

    So you only remmembered to blog because you were “jobless” mschewww

  2. B.Casey said,

    it has been a while. welcome back. the blogoshpere did not miss you! lol.
    sounds like a nice day.
    em… more on ‘this’ Jos’e please. I need the laugh.

  3. GoodNaijaGirl said,

    You also played hooky on your blog, FYI, but it’s nice to hear all is well.

    Congrats, Auntie!

  4. kay9 said,

    Hooky, i like.
    So whasamata? U get oral, he gets head; did i miss som’n?

  5. lucidlilith said,

    LOL…you and short men na wah.

    Any ways, I envy you and your new found swimdom. Me, I still sink like a stone.

  6. Mamuje said,

    Waoh, you’ve gone haywire with your blogging this time. Goodluck! Congratulations on being an aunt.

  7. kay9 said,

    hey, i’m missing this blog, n i dont like to admit it!

    Witty, were u @??

    • A Witty Fool said,

      aww K9.
      missed U 2! Sadly,my personally PC has been out of commission. but just 4 U, I borrowed one today.
      many thanX

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