April 25, 2010

What a gip!

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           Okay, so I am stumbling along with my day just the other day, when I stumbled onto a guy, a tall, good-looking, brown-eyed guy, with dimples and a smile that could melt honey (if ever honey needed melting). Implications of burning heat: INTENDED.

            We got to talking and turns out we had a few things in common…. em, okay… One thing, but still, it was a pretty important thing (He likes books too). In addition to being handsome and liking books, he also seemed to be loaded, or at least, pretty comfortable. He had a great job (steady employment is always a plus) and was looking forward to spending his summer weekends at the family home on the Cape. If you live anywhere near here, then you know that “the Cape” means Cape Cod or maybe even Martha’s Vineyard and a summer home on the cape, means that you are at the very least ‘comfortable’…..but I digress.

He smiled, I smiled.

He flirted, I flirted

He said, I … suspected,

… turns out he was married, married young according to him, procreated and remains married due to familial obligations.

He Xplained, I passed.

Later, (not much later honestly, I am not known for my self discipline) I almost, kinda, soughta, a little, regretted passing (seriously, he was FOINE!), but my morals, principles or what ever the bloody hell you wanna call them would not allow me to knowingly begin or even to contemplate starting something with a married man, no matter the condition of the wedded (blissful or not) union. ……

            ….. and to be quite frank, it pissed me the bloody hell OFF! Pissed me off a whole lot! It sucks having morals, good manners and all of that other crap. It makes you walk away from some luscious deal, like enjoying a beautiful summer spending some guy’s money and a possible cape cod beach side vacation, for some stupid reason like.. the ‘sponsor’ is married.

            Yeah, I know that we would have broken up eventually. I mean the guy is married and chances are he was fibbing (ok, so out right lying.. but I am trying to rationalize here) about the state of his union and trying to pull a ‘Tiger’ (Woods, that is), but Tiger’s mistress (that’s old English for: “#1 whore) just got paid $10 million (count with me people….. 1 million, 2 million, 3 million,  FOUR !!! and keep going) to go away. So essentially, home girl just made 10 million American dollars for sleeping around with a guy who she already KNEW to be married!  Jesse James’s Hitler loving chick is apparently now shopping around for her own reality show and asking for millions, while John Edwards baby mama is now getting paid by magazines and TV stations to pose naked, grant interviews and tell the world about how much of a bitch his wife really was and why he HAD to cheat on her.

            My point? if any of these women had any kind of morals or principles of anything, they would NOT now be millions of dollars richer and world famous and ME? I can’t even creep around for a free summer vacation! Talk about getting gipped!

            I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I blame my father! Teaching me to be considerate of others, drilling good manners and honestly into my head, raising me to be a good person…. Talk about some bullshit! I could so totally having be lounging on the Cape this summer!



  1. Mamuje said,

    Fanstastic blog. I have always wondered myself..about these mistresses who end up getting rich. It just makes you wanna,…….

  2. hehehe!

    I’ll just quietly thank God for your dad!

  3. kay9 said,

    Chill out already. Y’all babes always say infidelity is a no-no, if ur BF tried it u’d so fire his ass, yet u feel ‘bad’ about turning away from a married prospect; oya go figure.
    At least me n my frnds hav a rule: Married chics r ABSOLUTELY off limits.

  4. B.Casey said,

    Shame no go catch U small oh!
    I see your well made point. life happens to you based on the choices you make and the risks you are willing to make, but before you make those choices, remember, like Lauryn Hill said: “Karma, karma, karma, come back to you hard!” … 10 million dollars, reality shows, Oprah interview, or NOT! ps: I cant believe Oprah gave that John Edwards mistress an interviw, justifying her bullshit. The O is slipping.

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