April 14, 2010

My Family, in conversation.

Posted in Life as I live it at 10:52 pm by A Witty Fool

So, I am filling in my insurance beneficiary form when out of some morbid curiosity, I turned to my sister and asked:  “would you kill me for a half a million dollars?” her reply? “Dude, I would kill you for a Klondike bar!”. That is my immediate younger sister -T. She likes to say she is 22 yrs old. I agree, mostly out of a deep seated fear for my life….. the girl is.. “questionable

My other younger sister -the family baby- is 12 years old and JADED! Completely cynical about the world and the people in it. She is pretty, beautiful really (dats a family trait! truely!) but she is so jaded thay when she is complimented on her beauty, like say: “Abs, honey, you look really good.” her standard reply is: “yeah I know.” Try and correct her, like: “Honey, you are supposed to say Thank you, even if you already know that you are pretty.” I tried that once and she replied.: “I am not pretty, I am beautiful. I just dont know why anybody else cares!”

My immediate younger brother is a sort Doctor type person. I dont know what he does, but he works in a hospital and apparently he is quite a catch, ‘cuz some chicks (and when I say some chicks, I mean about 6 of them) at my church have resorted to some real low down dirty shame kinda methods to try and snag him. Personally, I dont see it, unfortunately, his ego does.

me:Your head don dey swell well well oh (Your head is getting really big)”

him: “that just a side effect of my disorder.. .. I suffer from a chronic lack-of-a-flaw-itis.”

My second brother suffers from the exact same disorder (THAT is not a family trait. I am humble despite MY fabulous great looks!) According to him, he tries to be humble, but his immense handsomeness make it damn near impoosible. This bro is 15 going on 38 and Intelligent! He actually got a 104% on his Math for this past semester and he does extra credit homework…… for fun! what can I say… he is a dork, with a capital D! He is also a smart mouth, smart ass! I happened to mention that I was broke, his response?: “you are always broke”

me: “hey, half the world is broke right now. It George Bush’s fault”

him: okay, but YOU have been broke since Clinton was President!”

I have one other sister, she is a year or so older than I am she is turning 22 Today. Happy Birthday!

So, there. My family in conversation. THIS is why I am so weird!



  1. GoodNaijaGirl said,

    Woot Woot! An entry!

    Your family is not only stunningly attractive and super intelligent but also good with the clever quips! Y’all are a force to be reckoned with (and a trifle intimidating when you all get together, I bet!).

  2. Mamuje said,

    All the females in your house turned 22? Girl you are going on 40 oh.

  3. kay9 said,

    I gbadun your peeps!

  4. Faith said,

    …and my favourite line of the post is , “You have been broke since Clinton was president”, lol! A real smart-ass! lol! So, this may be why you’re weird (and who isn’t by the way?) but THIS is also why you’re too much fun! Me and your peeps should hang out sometime, lol!

  5. A Witty Fool said,

    LOL… LOL….LOL…lol
    @GNG: My family is not only attractive, but super intelligent. We are the main sourse of ALL extraterestrial Super Intelligence rumors that abound. They are talking about us…. just ask the CIA! n INTIMIDATING! my twelve year old sister is about 5’7” and she is the shortest, so yeah.. intimidating is d word.
    @M’je: Babe, my last birthday, I turned 19…. ask my Papa!
    Kay9: we gbadun U rite back!
    @Faith: I think I’ll keep U away from my peeps. dont want U catching any attitudes or nothing! n yeah, he is a REAL smart ass!! I tried to sell him once… he found his way back home! suXed!
    LOL! I am still cracking up at y’all!

  6. Jess said,

    OMG!! Your brother and I have the same disorder!!!
    chronic lack-of-a-flaw-itis!!!

    That is just HILLARIOUS!!

    Of corse Gorgeous runs on your family!! (it runs in mine too)
    You know since we met I’ve always said we were related somehow!

    • A Witty Fool said,

      oh I KNOW we are related…… cronic lack-of-a-flaw-itis is hereditery. THAT must be the family resemblance dat we hav been looking for. LOL.

  7. Myne Whitman said,

    They all sound funny, I like the dork the best, lol.

  8. Your family sounds like a whole lot of fun. My older brother is like that. If you slip, his comeback will have you miserable but full of admiration.

    “chronic lack-of-a-flaw itis”! Love that.

  9. B.Casey said,

    whot is so funny it you people are all so quiet. until una open una mouth and speak. lol. hope all is well. Happy Birthday to Ur sis.

  10. Aeedeeaee said,

    lmao @ “chronic lack-of-a-flaw-itis” Heeelarious! I suffer from something similar too lol i think it’s called acute-i-don’t-give-a-hoot-atrial Syndrome

    Hehehhe I love your clan!

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