April 1, 2010


Posted in Life as I live it at 3:23 pm by A Witty Fool

It is a certifiable disease or at least it should be. Wanderlust: that insatiable need to be anywhere but here. “Here” of course, being anywhere, where I am at the moment and have been for too long. “Too long” being relative can fluctuate from one day, to one week, to a month, a year or any length of time before I start to feel the need to be some place else. It is a vicious cycle, a cruel and demanding mistress, a mental disorder, one that sadly, I seem to suffer from.

Wander lust rears its head at the oddest and most inconvenient of times too. I have actually had to quit two jobs because my bosses would NOT let me take some time off of work to travel… simply because I had only been at both jobs for a short period of time. I get asked a lot if it was a lot of fun working at the Airport. It wasn’t exactly barrel loads of fun, but I got barrel loads of free and/or cheap plane tickets to anywhere in the world. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

I always say that I travel for the excitement, the thrill of getting off the plane in a strange place, surrounded by different people, who speak a foreign language. Everything if fresh and new and all ties to the old and overly familiar reality, for the time being are loosened. I get to see foreign and exotic places, meet new people and maybe even be a different person. Life is suspended and perspective is redefined.

I used to blame, my restless legs and roving mind on youth. I wanted to travel and see the world before I had to settle down and calmly accept responsibility and all that come with it. Now, however, I have to admit that I am NOT irresponsible, not at all, I just suffer from a severe case of Wander Lust.

This sounds like an eXciting mental defect, you know as opposed to the regular painful and disturbing ones like, you know,  plain ole’ crazy, but it can have some very painful side-effects, like calling your boss from the airport to let ‘em know that you are leaving on a jet plane and don’t know when you’ll be back again, and calmly saying “okay”, when they threaten to fire you if you don’t show up for work that day. All this knowing that you have bills to pay and a life to live.

Relationships have also been sacrificed to this disease. I had to break off at least one semi-serious relationship, because it became clear that ‘he’ was never going to grasp the fact that I am NOT the girl who will be satisfied to sit at home, quietly waiting to build and care for a family. Sadly, I have come to realize that I may be the chick that drives the kids over to their father’s work place in the middle of the afternoon and leave them there because of a sudden need I got to be in Yugoslavia!

Maybe I am running from something –like reality, responsibility, or something else/deeper – Freud will need to work real hard and over time to sort that one out. Right now, after two years of gallivanting from the USA to the UK, Europe and Africa, I am back home and have been settled in for the past seven months. SEVEN months! I am beginning to feel the strangle hold across my chest again, the need to escape into a foreign based reality.

I am starting a new job, looking into getting my own apartment and trying to settle into some sort of stability and routine in my life and NOW, Wander Lust rears its ugly head. I suddenly NEED to be in Jerusalem, Delhi, Rio, anywhere but here….  gives strength to the whole.. ‘I am running away’ argument, hun? Sadly, (but maybe NOT so sadly) I am too broke and my new job is fabulous (and I WILL NOT quit!) sucks for me though. I hear Peru is great this time of year… Costa Rica too.



  1. Myne Whitman said,

    I love travelling too but its good for me at least to have a base and then wander to my heart’s content knowing I’ll be going back when it is all done. Nothing beats going to new places, seeing new sights, meeting new people, eating new foods, hearing new sounds, smells, you name it.

  2. kay9 said,

    Your bf is in trouble! (lol..)

    If your ”illness” ever brings thru Nigeria, just gimme a holla.

    • A Witty Fool said,

      my BF finally had to let that shit go, after I woke up one morning, n called him from the airport in London, sayin I was on my way to Spain. LOL. he was NOT amused! thanX 4 d invite too. I just did Nigeria and West Africa, for several months last year. I will how ever keep you posted.lol

  3. GoodNaijaGirl said,

    I sometimes feel the urge to get away, but I’m too practical and hate feeling pinched for cash. Add to that my fear of flying and well, I end up staying put rather easily.

    If travelling is a huge part of your life I’m convinced that you will find a partner who likes travelling too, and kids are so adaptable that they can definitely travel with you. Your image of “settling” down might be very different from what you think it has to be!

    • A Witty Fool said,

      I hate being broke and HATE flying as well, but I feel so strangulated being in one place extensively.
      n d idea of ‘settling down’ for me, is begining to mutate wit the need for a family*. it is still NOT traditional though.

      *blog on that later.

      • GoodNaijaGirl said,

        Um, it’s been 13 days since you blogged. Just saaaying!

  4. B. Casey said,

    you call it ‘wanderluast’, in NIgeria we call it ‘wakabout’. no go sit down where your papa put you. I totally believe it is a mental disorder in your case though, I have seen how antsy you get witout a ticket to somewhere in your hand.
    it is funny alll the litte quirks that people have. I wonder if it is true that you are running from somethin…. or maybe you arejust a middle child lookin for attention from anyone, anywhwere… I told phychology freshman year. can you tell? LOL

  5. Mamuje said,

    //Maybe I am running from something –like reality, responsibility, or something else/deeper //

    I have come to the realization that I am running from something (as a fellow wanderlust sufferer) and I think its reality. Besides where did you get the inspiration to blog this missus?

  6. A Witty Fool said,

    @B: I am tryin to conquer my “wakabout” as they call it in Nigeria. and yeh, I can tell U studied phycology in college, as I recall, U failed! HA!
    @Mamuje: “Wander Lust Annonymous” I say we start it and start theraphy before we go broke tryin to run away from some thing that just comes with us! luckily, its a fun disorder to have. I was inspired by a sudden need to run away to India. I hear the Taj Mahal is pretty impresive.

  7. Jess said,

    You know we didn’t work at the airport. We only show up just for pure fun.

    I did had a case of wander lust when I was younger and I did run away a few times but I always ended running from Home (Puerto Rico) to Boston and viceversa.
    I always wished I travel the world but I was able to control my wander lust with a severe dose of brokeness. It has some side effects but you get over it with time.

    Just be happy you were able to travel when you wanted too. Now is time to take a dose of reality and settle down.
    Think of me, How am I suppouse to get out of my sister house if you do not get a good apartment for us to move in and have some Parteh!!!

    • A Witty Fool said,

      LOL at “U were able to controll it wit a severe case of Brokeness.”
      yeah, I’m gonna start thinkin of U 4rm now on….. PLEASE! have I ever?! LOL
      Start saving Ur money. this winter we r goin to Brazil together.

  8. Faith said,

    Whenever you’re ready, I’ll put you on a couch and we can get to the bottom of this wanderlust thing once and for all! All that psychology I studied in school should be good for soemthing! lol!

    Wish I could just up and wander like you though! I so need to get away, from “here” to “anywhere but here”but alas, reality keeps me planted “here” like gravity! Sad…lol!

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