March 23, 2010

A Supernatural Blog

Posted in Life as I live it at 3:37 pm by A Witty Fool

I am a Supernatural dork. I am. I cried when Dean died and did a lil’ Irish gig when he punched his way back out of the ground. I think Sammy is so sweet and super cuddly and Yes, I call him Sammy. And this is sad and true, but: I did not watch the first season of the TV show ‘LEVERAGE’ because I was still upset with one of its stars – Aldis Hodge- because he (well, his Supernatural character) was the one that stabbed Sammy in the back.

Ok, I am a dork period, but I am especially and even more dorky when it comes to Supernatural (the TV show, not the freaky unexplainable stuff). On Thursdays at 9pm, my sister knows to surrender the remote control and vacate the vicinity. No talking, no chewing, no breathing or any other distracting activity allowed, or the evil bitch in the house will NOT just be inside the TV.

Now I have been accused of only watching the show because the stars are supremely gorgeous…. Such a ridiculous and unfounded accusation! Shoot, the guys are not even all that good looking …. YES, that is the story that I am going with.

Okay, so the guyz are HAWT but besides that, I love Supernatural because:

The Writing is Fabulous! While the content, story line and the (fictional) world in which Supernatural is based is harsh, violent, volatile and scary, the show does not lend itself too deeply to the darkness. Just when it gets too heavy and dark, the writers pull you back into a safe, funny world. The dialogue a lot of the time is straight up Hilarious and the eye rolling, sideways glances, hand gestures and more of the physical comedy on the show is side splitting. I mean if you saw the episode where super macho Dean screamed in fear like a six year old girl over a cat jumping out of a locker and did not laugh until you fell off your seat…. Well then, your funny bone was surgically amputated at birth and if you haven’t seen it? RUN, don’t walk to a store and buy the Supernatural DVD’s. NOW!

The Music is Awesome! I don’t know if it can be called a musical score or a soundtrack, but what ever it is, the music on SPN is pretty great. The first time I saw the show, I believe it was in the second season, I was browsing through the TV channels when I heard Carry On my Wayward Son, by Kansas. Dude! Did anyone even know that song anymore? I thought I was the only one that still knew it! I had to stop and watch for a minute, because any show that had such a cool intro- song, would have to be at least, semi cool. …. and I haven’t stopped watching it since. A few episodes ago when I heard Bob Seger’s “Rock and Roll never forgets” I freaked! And AC/DC “ThunderStruck”?! Classic Rock! So awesoommeee!!

The Brothers! Okay fine, the brothers are not exactly ugly, cute, not bad looking, handsome, beautiful, eXquisitely and fabulously gorgeous, but all that aside, I love SPN because of their relationship with each other. (For all you Sam/Dean girls, you do know that they are brothers, right? Ish! LOL) Their relationship is weirdly “co-dependent” yes Doctor we know, but they are also loyal and loving to the point of death… literarily. They are different but compliment each other, they listen to each other.. and then they do whatever the hell they want, but they at least listen. They understand each other and love each other, even when one of them brings on the freaking apocalypse.

Apart from each other (Dean, relax, You’ll get your brother back!) the brothers are emotionally damaged, not to mention emotionally unavailable (em.. hi.. Dean). They are crazy, funny, LOYAL, dorky (Hi, Sammy!), weird (hey, I love them, but they are weird!) and eXtremely Cool! So freaking cool! I’m talking torn jeans, worn leather, classic rock and old muscle cars cool. What’s not to Love?

So, anyways, after a long and painful five weeks hiatus, Supernatural is finally back with a Brand New episode this week! I am on pins and needles, it’s like Christmas eve all over again! Yeah I know, SAD! but like I said, I am a Supernatural dork!



  1. B.Casey said,

    What is wit U and this show? it is cute and Jensen Ackles is kinda cute but seriously! the music sounds cool though, Classic Rock is awesome.

  2. GoodNaijaGirl said,

    I’ve never watched the show and don’t even know the storyline but your love for the show is rather cute! 😀

  3. kay9 said,

    You know, if i wanted to rob you without being caught, i’d just do it while Supernatural is showing.

  4. Kayla said,

    It’s official. You’re my best friend now…and possibly my fraternal twin separated at birth…

    • A Witty Fool said,

      Kayla, any fan of Supernatural’s is definately a best friend and twin of mine!

  5. Faith said,

    This is like my favourite post from you yet, for obvious reasons, lol! I couldn’t have said it any better, these are the EXACT same reasons why I love the show! The realtionship betwen the brothers is what kept me hooked to the show and for me surpasses the fact that they are just all that hot.

    Apart from the way their relationship is scripted, they have that awesome on-screen chemistry to successfully pull it off. The only other reason why I like the show (that you didnt mention), is the Impala; she’s like the third character on the show 🙂 and I have a thing for vintage wheels 🙂

    A great script, AWESOME looking guys, Killer music and a sweet set of wheels and you got the best show on the planet!

    • A witty fool said,

      @Faith: now I feel like a HEATHEN! I cant believe that I forgot to mention the Impala! I am not into Cars, but Dean’s love for his “Baby” is super contegious and of course as the third MAJOR Star, the Impala is a hugely significant part of the show.
      dat was my bad for leaving ‘her’ out.! LOL

  6. Jessica Smith said,


    I love this show. i love it. i love supernatural i watch it every thursday night. i love deans car..and i think it is sweet and cute how sam looks up to dean.

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