March 15, 2010

Me and Gabourey

Posted in Life as I live it at 2:56 pm by A Witty Fool

I just commented on a friend’s post on FaceBook (FB). She had put up a blog post by some guy who was talking about Gabourey Sidibe and the small scandal that erupted when shock jock Howard Stern went on his radio show and said that she was too fat to have a Hollywood career.. or a long life. According to the short blog, “Stern also called the young actress an “enormous woman the size of a planet” and added, “go get yourself thin, you’re gonna die in like three years.” His prognosis for Sidibe’s post-Oscar career was equally harsh: “Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and… she’s never going to be in another movie.”

Howard Stern is a jerk, a big giant, sexist, racist, dumb ass loud mouth. That being said, I agree with him! I KNOW! I am a heathen! I am a betrayer of gender and race. I am a Benedict Arnold to women in general and black women in particular and seeing as I am not exactly Tyra Banks, I am also a hypocrite. that being said, I agree with Stern! I KNOW! I am a heathen.. etc. you’all get the point.

The truth is Hollywood is a universe seprate from reality, anyone that has ever seen the Jolie-Pitt family can attest to that. The reality is that people and life come in a variety of shapes, and colours, and sizes. In Hollywood, sure that reality is reflected, but the reflection is skwered, a bit more baised. I am not one of those people who think that an institution is or can be deliberately racist or segregated.. I mean, its Hollywood in 2010, not 1980 South Africa… however, it is a world created by people and as such, it is a reflection of the people that created it. That’s just life.  Gabourey has already stated that she literarily stumbled into the biznez of acting and it sucks to say it, but the fact remains that unless the role “specifically” calls for a black, overweight, young female, like ‘Precious’, she will not even up for consideration.

In addition to that, all that weight is immensely unhealthy! As it is, black women are a ridiculously high risk for diabetes and the like, carrying all that weight around for years WILL increase the risk for deseases, including heart and bone deseases. Yes, I am being hypocritcal cuz like I am said, I am not exactly stick thin (a PC way of saying.. not stick thin), but if needs saying. and coming to realize that I am putting myself at risk for a ultitude of deseases that my parents never even dreamed of having, is one of the reasons, I am now trying to torture myself into a smaller dress size. Looking good, or course is an added benefit, but not getting a heart attack of a stroke at 32, is also a bit of a plus.

So, yeah. Howard Stern is a jerk, a big giant, sexist, racist, loud mouth jerk, that being said, I agree with him. I KNOW! I am a heathen!

“The first wealth is health.”  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson.



  1. B.Casey said,

    Stern is a loud mouth jerk, but you are rght, he is right. Rude, arrogant and a jerk, but he is right. i guess i am heathen too. I hope Gabourey loses some, alot, of weight. even if she never acts again in her life. For her to be young, talented and dead of a heart attack at the age of 30 something would be a tragedy.

  2. I don’t think you’ll find many who disagree with you on the weight part. For me, health is priority and if she is healthy and her extra pounds aren’t putting her at risk for some of the conditions you mentioned, I’d be surprised. I don’t think that’s possible though.

    (I’m firmly in the plus size category, the “could lose over 50lbs and would still be overweight category” so that gives me more “right” (hah!) to comment on this!)

    • A Witty Fool said,

      Yh girl, I could lose 50 pounds and still be overweight. I am in THAT boat. matter of fact, I joined a gym in January and I try to go at least 5 times a week….. just found out that I have since gained 6LBs …. So I may in fact be Captain of said boat. Sad!

  3. kay9 said,

    Lol, you got me cracking up.

    Been looking for your “About me” tab; seems you don’t have one.

    • A Witty Fool said,

      Hey ya Kay.
      thanX 4 coming by and I hope to see U again. I do have an “About Me” section. it is at the very top of the front page, under the ‘Pages’ section.

  4. Mamuje said,

    Poor Gabourey. I couldnt agree with you more though.

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