March 8, 2010

Healing after Rejection

Posted in Life as I live it at 3:40 pm by A Witty Fool

I got another rejection letter today. So I will be consoling myself with some Vanilla ice cream , mounted on a couple of double fudge chocolate brownies, topped with hazel nuts … roughage. Being a writer is hazardous to my health, or at the very least, it is proving to be detrimental to my whole “I-want-to-lose-weight” thing.

I hate getting rejection letters. It completely ruins my entire day, and depending on the word structure on the letter, the ruination could extend into a full week long depression. Like when they say something like: “while you have a great story, the writing and subject matter, do not meet our requirements for publication.” It’s like, hey if you dont like it, you dont like, you ain’t got to get all personal about it or “whatever bitch! who are you calling a sub-par writer?!”

Today’s letter was a bit less condesending. It simply stated that the publishing house was not taking on any new writers or contracts for right now. I am chossing to interprete it as: “FABULOUS piece of work! the next great American novel! World litereature at it’s best! you could teach Shakespeare a thing or two! We are MOST unworthy of publishing this fabulous fabulous creation! Please do us the favour of finding and asking someone more worthy of such and honour!”

Still, it is a reminder that I still dont have a publisher or an agent, so yeah, two fudge brownies and scoops of vanilla ice cream should do the job, but just in case, I’m going to pile them on a heated base of burnt chocolate syrub…. Let the healing begin!

“When a writer talks about his work, he is talking about a love affair.” ~ Alfred Kazin



  1. B.Casey said,

    you are funny and right. i guess getting a rejection letter from a publisher is a lot like getting dumped by a guy you like who you havent even dated yet. he heard you had a crush in him and decided to let you down easy before you build you hopes too high. ha ha ha.
    sorry. had to throw that in. you are a pretty good writer. keep sending out those letters, all the No’s in the world will meannothing once you get one little Yes.
    em.. lay of the chocolate!

  2. Love your attitude; thanks for making me laugh despite not having the best day.

    I guess the book deal won’t mean as much if you don’t have those rejection letters to spur you on right? Right? 😉

  3. lucidlilith said,

    Okay, so I have two novels I am working on. Yeah, short attention span. But reading about your about rejection letter is making my heart race. Have you ever considered self publication? Cus that’s the route I may have to take. Sell your own book! Use your blog as shameles self promotion! Advertise on other blogs! Myne Whitman did…

    • A Witty Fool said,

      I am VERY much looking into self-publication, but right now I am too short of funds to go dat route. so in the meantime, I am sending out my manusript until I pull my shit together enough. Hello! I luv Ur blog by the way, being ther a few times.

  4. I read an article once which mentioned how almost all bestsellers get rejection letters. It’s all a part of the writing process, it’s like finding a life-partner. There’ll be one agent and one publishing house that will fit your own needs and expectations, you just haven’t found them yet, that’s all. I hope you follow the agent blogs whom you want to pick up your manuscript. They give a lot of advice on what they want to see, in terms of presentation 🙂

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