March 5, 2010

Life as I live it

Posted in Life as I live it at 10:06 pm by A Witty Fool

I will be the first to admit it. I lead a  cool, exciting, boring life. I am talking SUPER boring. I mean, there are Nuns in convents around the world who are deeply sympathetic to the boring monotony of my life. However, I have found that life is not so bad once you figure out the right way to torture the right people by going on and on about it…. done right, that alone can bring a person a certain level on enjoyment and direction… Hence the blog.

My life currently includes:

Trying to lose weight and so far, all I can think is ….. Jenny CRaig MUST die!  (the lying bitch!)

Job hunting, cuz well, unemployment IS a BITCH! Granted I have a part time job, but I need a career developing kinda job. you know with pension plans, 401Ks (still dont know what that is, but it sounds grown up and stuff), insurance and all that good stuff.

Trying to figure out what on earth went wrong with my last relationship.  One day we are talking marriage proposal, the next I am waiting for a return to my phone calls that never came.



Living and hopefully, learning.

“One day, your life WILL flash before your eyes. make sure that it worth watching” ~ Unknown.



  1. Mr WordPress said,

    Hi, Nice blog. cant wait to read what ever else you post up.

  2. B.Casey said,

    I like the tittle- Witty fool.
    I am glad that someone else finally figured out that Jenny IS a lying bitch. Looking ofrward to reading some of your other stuff.

  3. GoodNaijaGirl said,

    Oh, I hear you on the weight loss thing! I have finally accepted that it’s going to be a lifestyle change that helps me shed these MANY MANY extra pounds. Walking for 30-60 minutes a day must become like brushing my teeth and my candy binges must stop (or be confined to the rarest occasions).

    Wishing you all the best with the job hunting…lol you’re right that the 401K does sound incredibly grown up!

  4. Faith said,

    Wow, you summed up your whole life in 4 paragraphs and it is so detailed! lol! You need to do a whole post for paragraph 4 though :D. Great start for a new blog…hopefully this one will have a longer life span 😉

    • A witty fool said,

      LOL at the blog lasting. It should…. but I make NO Promises. I am a Gemini, honey. SORRY! LOL. Oh, Ok. It will last, but I don promise to blog frequently! 🙂

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