March 23, 2010

A Supernatural Blog

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I am a Supernatural dork. I am. I cried when Dean died and did a lil’ Irish gig when he punched his way back out of the ground. I think Sammy is so sweet and super cuddly and Yes, I call him Sammy. And this is sad and true, but: I did not watch the first season of the TV show ‘LEVERAGE’ because I was still upset with one of its stars – Aldis Hodge- because he (well, his Supernatural character) was the one that stabbed Sammy in the back.

Ok, I am a dork period, but I am especially and even more dorky when it comes to Supernatural (the TV show, not the freaky unexplainable stuff). On Thursdays at 9pm, my sister knows to surrender the remote control and vacate the vicinity. No talking, no chewing, no breathing or any other distracting activity allowed, or the evil bitch in the house will NOT just be inside the TV.

Now I have been accused of only watching the show because the stars are supremely gorgeous…. Such a ridiculous and unfounded accusation! Shoot, the guys are not even all that good looking …. YES, that is the story that I am going with.

Okay, so the guyz are HAWT but besides that, I love Supernatural because:

The Writing is Fabulous! While the content, story line and the (fictional) world in which Supernatural is based is harsh, violent, volatile and scary, the show does not lend itself too deeply to the darkness. Just when it gets too heavy and dark, the writers pull you back into a safe, funny world. The dialogue a lot of the time is straight up Hilarious and the eye rolling, sideways glances, hand gestures and more of the physical comedy on the show is side splitting. I mean if you saw the episode where super macho Dean screamed in fear like a six year old girl over a cat jumping out of a locker and did not laugh until you fell off your seat…. Well then, your funny bone was surgically amputated at birth and if you haven’t seen it? RUN, don’t walk to a store and buy the Supernatural DVD’s. NOW!

The Music is Awesome! I don’t know if it can be called a musical score or a soundtrack, but what ever it is, the music on SPN is pretty great. The first time I saw the show, I believe it was in the second season, I was browsing through the TV channels when I heard Carry On my Wayward Son, by Kansas. Dude! Did anyone even know that song anymore? I thought I was the only one that still knew it! I had to stop and watch for a minute, because any show that had such a cool intro- song, would have to be at least, semi cool. …. and I haven’t stopped watching it since. A few episodes ago when I heard Bob Seger’s “Rock and Roll never forgets” I freaked! And AC/DC “ThunderStruck”?! Classic Rock! So awesoommeee!!

The Brothers! Okay fine, the brothers are not exactly ugly, cute, not bad looking, handsome, beautiful, eXquisitely and fabulously gorgeous, but all that aside, I love SPN because of their relationship with each other. (For all you Sam/Dean girls, you do know that they are brothers, right? Ish! LOL) Their relationship is weirdly “co-dependent” yes Doctor we know, but they are also loyal and loving to the point of death… literarily. They are different but compliment each other, they listen to each other.. and then they do whatever the hell they want, but they at least listen. They understand each other and love each other, even when one of them brings on the freaking apocalypse.

Apart from each other (Dean, relax, You’ll get your brother back!) the brothers are emotionally damaged, not to mention emotionally unavailable (em.. hi.. Dean). They are crazy, funny, LOYAL, dorky (Hi, Sammy!), weird (hey, I love them, but they are weird!) and eXtremely Cool! So freaking cool! I’m talking torn jeans, worn leather, classic rock and old muscle cars cool. What’s not to Love?

So, anyways, after a long and painful five weeks hiatus, Supernatural is finally back with a Brand New episode this week! I am on pins and needles, it’s like Christmas eve all over again! Yeah I know, SAD! but like I said, I am a Supernatural dork!


March 15, 2010

Me and Gabourey

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I just commented on a friend’s post on FaceBook (FB). She had put up a blog post by some guy who was talking about Gabourey Sidibe and the small scandal that erupted when shock jock Howard Stern went on his radio show and said that she was too fat to have a Hollywood career.. or a long life. According to the short blog, “Stern also called the young actress an “enormous woman the size of a planet” and added, “go get yourself thin, you’re gonna die in like three years.” His prognosis for Sidibe’s post-Oscar career was equally harsh: “Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and… she’s never going to be in another movie.”

Howard Stern is a jerk, a big giant, sexist, racist, dumb ass loud mouth. That being said, I agree with him! I KNOW! I am a heathen! I am a betrayer of gender and race. I am a Benedict Arnold to women in general and black women in particular and seeing as I am not exactly Tyra Banks, I am also a hypocrite. that being said, I agree with Stern! I KNOW! I am a heathen.. etc. you’all get the point.

The truth is Hollywood is a universe seprate from reality, anyone that has ever seen the Jolie-Pitt family can attest to that. The reality is that people and life come in a variety of shapes, and colours, and sizes. In Hollywood, sure that reality is reflected, but the reflection is skwered, a bit more baised. I am not one of those people who think that an institution is or can be deliberately racist or segregated.. I mean, its Hollywood in 2010, not 1980 South Africa… however, it is a world created by people and as such, it is a reflection of the people that created it. That’s just life.  Gabourey has already stated that she literarily stumbled into the biznez of acting and it sucks to say it, but the fact remains that unless the role “specifically” calls for a black, overweight, young female, like ‘Precious’, she will not even up for consideration.

In addition to that, all that weight is immensely unhealthy! As it is, black women are a ridiculously high risk for diabetes and the like, carrying all that weight around for years WILL increase the risk for deseases, including heart and bone deseases. Yes, I am being hypocritcal cuz like I am said, I am not exactly stick thin (a PC way of saying.. not stick thin), but if needs saying. and coming to realize that I am putting myself at risk for a ultitude of deseases that my parents never even dreamed of having, is one of the reasons, I am now trying to torture myself into a smaller dress size. Looking good, or course is an added benefit, but not getting a heart attack of a stroke at 32, is also a bit of a plus.

So, yeah. Howard Stern is a jerk, a big giant, sexist, racist, loud mouth jerk, that being said, I agree with him. I KNOW! I am a heathen!

“The first wealth is health.”  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

March 12, 2010

The Help ………… Kathryn Stockett

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I started this book on a Saturday afternoon and not only did I skip a Saturday night out, but I also ‘missed’ church on Sunday, in order to race to the finish on this book. 

The Help is set in 1962 Mississippi where the lines between blacks and whites are drawn and clearly defined. Skeeter has just returned home to with her college degree and is on the hunt for a job, but Skeeter’s mother will not rest until her daughter is safely married off.

Aibileen is mourning the death of her son while raising yet another white child and worrying about her best friend and her prayer list. Minny is a hard worker and a great cook, however, she has just lost yet another job and gained a reputation as a loud mouth, with a sassy tongue, a bad attitude and a thief. She has also come away with a secret, which she is too guilty and embarrassed to voice out loud. When Aibileen lies her way into a new job for Minny, Minny has to navigate her way around her former employer, her new employer, the lies and her embarrassing secret.

 When Skeeter begins to asks questions about the world that she had always taken for granted, these three women find their way into swapping stories and aiming for the same goal. The world around them and the people in it are exposed, as secrets are revealed and comfort zones are shaken.

The Help is an excellent read. I was a bit reluctant to even start, just because I hate to read stories based in the Deep South, from that time period. They either ignore or try to gloss over the subject of racial inequality, or they try to romanticize it by making the blacks out to be noble saints and enduring heroes (which ends up making them annoyingly pitiful), or the whites to be irretrievably wicked and unforgivably racist (which makes one (not be or course!) want to go out and bitch-slap the first white person one (again, not me of course. Lol)  sees). The Help avoids such easy over simplifications. The characters are real, neither saints nor heroes, just people dealing with the realities in which they are trapped, enduring because they have to, while still fighting back in the little ways that give each of us the strength to face a new day and change the world.

Stockett has created characters that are relatable and very human, funny and weird, interesting, courageous. Even though she is a well of, white girl, raised in a racist environment, I still kinda enpatize with Skeete, especially on the whole her mother cant wait to marry her off thing. The times they have achanged, but the only thing different about the general mindset on single females is that the acceptable age limit has been raised a bit. LOL. I love crazy ass Minny, who with all of her sassy and attitude, still lets her man push her around and loyal, faithful Aibileen, who I can just picture muttering: “cant’ we all just get along?!”

The world around them is changing in ways they do not understand and may not approve of and in their own small way, they are all trying to do something about it, for our three heroines, it is to facilitate the change, for others around them, not so much. The women relate to each other as mothers, daughters, friends and strangers, across the boundaries of race and class, as they search for strength, identity, redemption.

So beg, borrow, steal or BUY this book. It is an excellent addition to any library and I may be immature and gross, but finally hearing (or reading) Minny’s embarrassing story, made the entire book so awesome for me!

March 8, 2010

Healing after Rejection

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I got another rejection letter today. So I will be consoling myself with some Vanilla ice cream , mounted on a couple of double fudge chocolate brownies, topped with hazel nuts … roughage. Being a writer is hazardous to my health, or at the very least, it is proving to be detrimental to my whole “I-want-to-lose-weight” thing.

I hate getting rejection letters. It completely ruins my entire day, and depending on the word structure on the letter, the ruination could extend into a full week long depression. Like when they say something like: “while you have a great story, the writing and subject matter, do not meet our requirements for publication.” It’s like, hey if you dont like it, you dont like, you ain’t got to get all personal about it or “whatever bitch! who are you calling a sub-par writer?!”

Today’s letter was a bit less condesending. It simply stated that the publishing house was not taking on any new writers or contracts for right now. I am chossing to interprete it as: “FABULOUS piece of work! the next great American novel! World litereature at it’s best! you could teach Shakespeare a thing or two! We are MOST unworthy of publishing this fabulous fabulous creation! Please do us the favour of finding and asking someone more worthy of such and honour!”

Still, it is a reminder that I still dont have a publisher or an agent, so yeah, two fudge brownies and scoops of vanilla ice cream should do the job, but just in case, I’m going to pile them on a heated base of burnt chocolate syrub…. Let the healing begin!

“When a writer talks about his work, he is talking about a love affair.” ~ Alfred Kazin

March 5, 2010

Life as I live it

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I will be the first to admit it. I lead a  cool, exciting, boring life. I am talking SUPER boring. I mean, there are Nuns in convents around the world who are deeply sympathetic to the boring monotony of my life. However, I have found that life is not so bad once you figure out the right way to torture the right people by going on and on about it…. done right, that alone can bring a person a certain level on enjoyment and direction… Hence the blog.

My life currently includes:

Trying to lose weight and so far, all I can think is ….. Jenny CRaig MUST die!  (the lying bitch!)

Job hunting, cuz well, unemployment IS a BITCH! Granted I have a part time job, but I need a career developing kinda job. you know with pension plans, 401Ks (still dont know what that is, but it sounds grown up and stuff), insurance and all that good stuff.

Trying to figure out what on earth went wrong with my last relationship.  One day we are talking marriage proposal, the next I am waiting for a return to my phone calls that never came.



Living and hopefully, learning.

“One day, your life WILL flash before your eyes. make sure that it worth watching” ~ Unknown.