September 11, 2011

America the Beautiful.

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I haven’t blogged in a while, I think because I over think things, and when that happens, everything seems too trivial to bother other people with. Today though, seemed as good a day, or even a muchBETTER day to speak.

It was one of those great days that only seem to come in April and/or Septemer, too cooler for summer and too hot for winter. School had just resumed, but I knew that it was going to be too great a day for class, so, I was going to skip school. I had my plans made. Sleep in late, take a long walk in and around the Boston public gardens, take pictures, have lunch, meet up with friends, see a movie and then have dinner. 10 years later and I still know just exactly, what I was going to do.

I woke up to my sister screaming at me, to wake up, wake up and SEE! I woke up and ran into the living room, just intime to watch the second plane fly into the second tower. 10 years later and I still remember the taste of bitterness in my mouth. I remember wondering if my mouth was bitter because I hadnt brushed my teeth yet, or if it was the bile in my stomach rising up.  It’s so strange, 10 years later that that is what I remember from that morning.

Today, it’s kinda strange to know that the entire world changed while I stood there tasting the biterness in my own mouth. That hated could be so strong, so completely dominating in any heart and over what?  difference in religion, belief? seems ludicrious. Jealousy? seems very American of me to even think it.  10 years later and the obvious answers seem to be almost to simple, too ordinary to have inspired such hate and those actions. Maybe I am just too sane, or too unreligious, too basically human.

This was supposed to be an inspirational blog, about healing, forgiving and moving on. I guess, I am not as well rounded as I had previously assumed. So I will just say: By the end of that day, I finally, for maybe the very first time ever, felt very, VERY PROUD to be an American…

it comes and goes, but today, 10 years later, I felt it again, 10 times as strong. America may have tripped, stumbled and fallen, but we will become what we once were, and maybe even more, because we are NOT anchored down, by the kinda hate that inspired that dreadful day. Martin Luther King would be so proud!


June 11, 2011

Under African Skies

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I am trying to compile a group of essays by and about the African female, on what life is, and what life is about for them. .. US. The only stories out there about African women are mostly written by African males, or by foreigners looking into to our culture and into our lives and telling us what they see and/or what we are.  So why don’t WE, tell OUR stories?

 This is not a collection of short stories, but a collection of our ideas, our ideals, our perspectives, our visions, our beliefs and especially our experiences and how they are all coloured by our identities and cultural conditioning, i.e, how does the world look and feel to you being both AFRICAN and FEMALE.

This is a project that has been dear to me for a while, sadly, I haven’t been getting a great response to the feelers that I have been putting out and even the few responses that I have received so far, have rarely been up to par or along the lines that I had in mind, so I am taking another tact and YOU guys are it.

 Currently tittled: Under African Skies: African women tell their truth about loving, laughing and living. It can be serious minded or tongue firmly in cheek, about any topic from world issues like Obama and Osama to not so grand topics like Hair care. Sex, Motherhood, friendship, travel, relationships, marriage, education, school, etc, no topic is too big, small or insignificant. The only requirement is that, you talk about how your life or view in this aspect of life is coloured by you being African AND female.

I have the ida of breaking the essaying into sections like:

On Love and Marriage (or being Single)

On Politics

On Family (Parenthood, Childhood, Sibling relations). et

Now to the IMPORTANT stuff. MONEY. Sadly, I can make no promises or guarantees regarding monetary compensation, as I will be self-publishing and promoting. However, if any real profit is made, I will endeavor to spread it around as fairly as possible.

Any and ALL submissions, should be sent to: and should be accompanied by a short biography about the author, including country of origin and current residence and any other personal information you wish to add.

Submissions will be accepted until the end of December 2011 after which I will get into assembling the final drafts, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas for promotion, etc, please email me, also at:

Or drop me a comment at:

January 21, 2011

Versatile AND Stylish….. Me?!

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So, I was recently awarded the “Versatile and STylish” award by both LucidLilith AND Mamuje. Considering that these are two very prolific and interesting blogggers, I have to say, I am quite flattered. So, in accepting this award, I have to say Seven things about myself and nominate Fifteen people for the V.and.S award.

So for my Seven things:

1. I read alot. … and I mean ALOT! I currently own eXactly 427 books, but that is only because I gave 223 to libraries and charities around my home when I was moving out of the country for a few years some time ago.  it HURT!

2. Like LucidLilith, I HATE crying. When I do it or feel like doing it, I always think it is a waste of a real and strong emotion that I could be using to motivate myself. When others do it, all I see is not so subtle manipulation. (dat probably doesn’t say much about my perception os others.)

3. I am sensitive. Now, that does not mean I will cry if you call me fat and ugly. (I would Kick your freaking ass, but… I digress!) No, I mean that I am super sensitive to emotions and auras. I can almost see them in colour. You know how people say “I saw Red” when they get angry? I can actually see the red around an angry person, the sky blue around a cool person, the deep purple around a person with intergrity. … yeah, I know. I sound crazy.

4.  I am quiet. Very quiet. I rarely speak. Like the crying thing, I’d rather save my energy, especially if I dont have something constructive or positive to say.

5.  I love being in love.  The rush of excitment, happiness, etc. I fall in very quickly, sadly, I have pretty HIGH expectations from people, so I tend to fall out just as fast. ( Reason Numero Uno, why I am currently single.)

6.  I didn’t realize that this would actually be hard to do. I can NOT think of seven things to say about myself. Sad AND scary!

7. I am a Gemini. I always say I don’t believe in that Zodiac signs and I don’t. the Predictions usually are utter rubbish, but the character descriptions of the Gemini female, especially the bit about being two distint people in one head (twins, get it?) seem to fit me to a T.  

Thank y’all for dropping by and thanX LL and M’je for the award. and since I do NOT KNow fifteen people, let’s see what I can rangle up:

My nominees for Versatile and stylish are:

Lucidlilith: because I love your blog and because your blog about Lilith which was the first one I ever read really made an impression.

GoodNiajaGirl: because I really do think she is awesome and Fun and alot like me. (not sure why)

Mamuje: because she is nuts! (mostly) but also pretty versatile

Kay.9: for being friendly and Funny

Faith B:  because she is pretty cool, for a person who lives in my computer, but also because anyone who loves Supernatural is a true love of mine and obviously has great taste as well.

J.A.M: even though she NEVER reads my blog or leaves me comments.

Doll: because she alwasy reads my blog and leaves me comments.

and …. em….. ok. thats it. like I said I dont really know 15 people / blogs. I really need to come online more often.

January 14, 2011

Getting to “YES”

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NO, this is NOT a blog on how to get your girl / man to say “Yes” to your proposal.

So, I was on my way to check out this new supposedly hip new Jazz bar that my sister had told me about. She had heard about it from a friend of hers and we had all been hyped up all week looking forward to some good food, great music and of course, the alcohol, when about half way there, we had to turn back around and head not to another bar/club/party …. even heading back home would have been pretty great too. No, we had to run around and head off to the hospital. The friend, M, who had told my sister about the Jazz bar, had just been run over by a truck.

She had passed on the night out, choosing to go grocery shopping and then home for a night of quiet alone time, when some bastard (Yes, dats what I called him… and I AM being polite!) who was texting, while driving. (SERIOUSLY! a grown ASS man! texting! … while driving! as they say in Nigeria .. Agbaya!) ran her down. Luckily, she was not killed. Unluckily,….. she got run over by a freaking truck! She is in the hospital and faces months and maybe even years of physical theraphy before she can regain full .. everything.

and ‘Yes’, I am just selfish enough to make this about me. I am not the most adventurous of people. Yeah, I like to travel and see new places, but that is the extent of my sense of adventure. When I am at home, I am a homebody, going no where, doing nothing. I like the peace and quiet, yes, but of course, I know that there is so much more to life than what is in my head or in my books.

Atropos the Fate was kind to let M. off when only almost all her bones broken, but she (Atropos) is not always so kind. For seeming so permanent and so strong, life is about as fragile as anything can get and Atropos can bring it to a short, swift end at any given time.

This is why, as the new year begins and everyone buckles down to make their resolutions for the year, I have decided to forgo all of the usual suspects in Resolution making.

Do I want to lose weight? Sure, but I will not resolve to. it hasn’t worked for the past ten years, so why bother, anymore?!

Do I want to become a better person? Not really. Truth is, the whole ‘nasty Bitch’ thing has always worked for me. (LOL. I kid of course. I am a saint!)

So, what am I going to do this year? … Here it is… I am going to say “YES!”

“YES” to anything everything!

Every invite: to a party, drinks, dinner, movies, sledding, business plan/ investment, and even (… hold your breathe) … Bunge jumping!

Yes, I know that I am still black and black folks don’t bunge jump (LOL), but you know something, it is time to shake things up! Loosen up! do something stupid!

and when I say stupid, I mean like… real… STOOPID!

Why? because life is so short

and because one day you can and the next you can’t! M. loved to live it up. Travel, have fun, adventures, life: SHe lived it as best she could and now, because of some grown ass-texting while driving-bastard of a man, she can’t do any of it any more. At least not for a while.

So, you have to ask yourself, what is it, that I can do now, that I am putting off? and what if when the time comes I am not able to do it, even if it is due to something as ordinary as old age?  I don’t know what that answer is for you. Shoot, I dont know what that answer is for me, so I am going to be looking to find it… EVERYWHERE. So, I will be agreeing to go, do, see, and say YES to anything!

and to prove that I am seriously going to at least try, I have just said my first “Yes”. Sadly, it is not to a proposal from Jensen Ackles (SERIOUSLY, you NEED to watch SUPERNATURAL if you are not!). No, I have said “Yes” to an invitation to go “Snow Tubing.” What Xactly is SNow tubing, you ask? I don’t know for sure, I hear it involves sitting inside a plastic tube ad being shoved off a snow capped mountain. … …  …  …

I hear Screams in my future!

January 2, 2011

A look forward, a glance back.

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2010. That Bitch of a year if FINALLY over! Bless you Lord! Although for a year that started with the Big Bang that was the Earth Quake in Haiti, it kinda went out on a fizzle. Now do I sound bitter? like I am holding a grudge against this past year of our Lord? Well, lets review, shall we?

The quake in Haiti… okay, so it did not affect me personally, but seriously, considering that they are still recoveing bodies and people are still dying from diseases that resulted from the quake … well, all of humanity, I think can count that one as a strike against them.

Then of course there was this whole incident of some crazy white bitch (yeah, dats what I said!) who accused my brother if raping her, simply because he dumped her scheming ass. SHE cheated on him, got pregnant by the other man and then when he dumped her and their child, my bro was kind enough to help her out financially. She apparently took that to mean that they might be reuniting (and it felt so gooood) He on the other, (thank God!) has a brain in his head and told her: NOT gonna happen! She tried to force his hand by treatening to cry rape. He didn’t bulge. SHe cried Rape and then could not back down, after the police had gotten involved and tried to arrest my bro. Case went to court and everything. Turns out she could not convince even her own parents that my bro, who had been nothing but nice to her and her family EVER of her story and case got thrown out. Now, if you are black and live in America, you KNOW that when a black man is accused of Raping a white girl, then asthey say in Warri : “yawa don gas!” because his ass is going down… well Xcept in the OJ Simpson case, but he was rich and famous. My bro was neither and he still managed to escape her clutches unscathed. … and unlike OJ, his Innocence was NEVER in doubt, not even by her lawyers and parents. just to throw this out there… God IS Good! dont ever let anyone tell you different!

There is also the fact that I was unemployed and broke for what seemed like more than half the year. Believe me, a state of perpetual brokeness is not an ideal place to find oneself. However, again, by the time the ran out its course, I was employed. still broke perharps, but working on it!

Also, my family got a lil’ bit bigger. that’s right, one healthy baby boy bigger …. no, I did NOT have a baby. My sister did. A boy who by all accounts got his fabulous good looks from yours truly…. that’ll be Moi!

hmmm…. now that I look back, 2010 may not have been so bad. I did after all get to meet Jose … and just in time for my birthday too.

I fell in love.  With a tall, handsome, green eyed monster. Monster because he was in love with someone else. Well, actually, I fell in love like five different times, but if you know me, then you know that thats just routine. Still, the heart breaks every time. I think my heart may be in too many pieces to ever fully repare, or maybe it is true what they say, that every time your heart breaks, in its healing, it expands to love even deeper. In that case, I am the most capable Lover ever! … take that anyway you want. 🙂

Goodbye 2010. I gotta say, I did not realize then, just how good you were to me.

So, looking into 2011, what do I see? For one, I have put my brother’s hand on a bible and made him swear off white girls. Now, that is not to say I am being racist. I have no objection whatsoever to fabulously goodlooking white guys. In short, I tend to love them just as much as I do fabulously goodlooking men of any pigmentation…. so if you know any, we should talk. :p

I am also working on the whole weight loss thing. For those of you that do not know, I am super hot. Hotter than Halle Bery in a topless bikini, on a summers day in Jamaica. However, I do have a bit of a weight problem that I have been working on since …… well, since before Halle Beryy was hot. This year, I intend to make great strides in achieveing some sort of goal. This is the only loss I intend to take lying down in 2011. I have joined a gym… yes, but will I actaully go, you ask? I hope so, it cost like 150 a month (and No, I dont mean Rupees)

Sadly, the year has not been off to a good start for me. I got dumped! on New Years day (Jan 1st)! Ain’t that about a low down dirty shame! I know! I am in shock and totally devastated. and this shocking and cruel act was perptrated on me, by none other, but my father. My very own parent! I am appalled! See, he had two ticked to see the Broadway show FELA! A musical about the the life of Nigerian Afrobeat artist Fela Kuti. A show being sponsored by Will and Jada Smith, as well as Jay-Z and his wife. And as this this the last showing on broadway, I had it on good authority that they would all be ther for the closing. I was pumped! had my camera readied and my outfit picked out (I did not intend to be out done by Beyonce!) and what happened? on the night before the Jan 2nd (last) showing, my dad ruthlessly and unceremoniously dumped my black ass in favour of his wife. Like seriously! So, now I am bitter and nursing a grudge. NOTHING (well, eXcept maybe CASH!) will ever heal this wound! I mean, what a way to start off the new year!

as they say in Nigeria, “Kai!”

oh well. Welcome all to the Year of our Lord: Two Thousand and eleven. Now matter what kind of two thousand and ten you had, here’s hoping, eleven is a vast inprovement!

December 28, 2010

For Iggy and Carla.

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While I was in the UK some time ago, I used to be truly amused by the fact that Americans and the British really are separated by a common language. First time I walked in a restaurant for breakfast, I could NOT for the life of me, figure out what the waitress was talking about when she offered me “Bangers and Mash”. I swear, I thot she was making some kinda fresh lesbian joke. I know; I am NOT a sophisticate.

Anyhoo, it became a running joke between myself and a friend (shout out Iggy!). She tried to explain Bangers and Mash to me, as well as that whole Beans baked in Tomato sauce (ewww!) thing. While I tried to Xplain to her why Americans are so into the whole “Bling-bling” thing and call their boy/girl friends “Boo.” That whole “Pookie” and “June Bug” nick-name thing, totally killed her with laughter and she made me promise to send her cans of Boston Baked Beans, baked in barbeque sauce (or honey sauce for the more discerning palate) which I am sure EVERYONE knows is the ONLY way to bake beans.

So, we (myself, Iggy and our girl Carla- Hi!) were joking around one day, when I promised them that upon returning to the US of A, I would go to the most American of Breakfast joints I could find and order a meal of “Bangers and Mash.” Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep my promise to send them the baked beans, so I was really inspired to at least try to keep this whole breakfast order thing. … Plus, this sounded like so much more fun.  So, the other day, I recruited my younger sister, who is ALWAYS up for some joke and we cruised on over to some small road side bistro around the way.  After the waiter came over, I asked, in my best imitation of an English accent (which is NOT any good at all):

Me: two cups of tea please.

Waiter: Tea? Ai’ght. What’s for breakfast today?

Me: Bangers and Mash?

My sister: and some Kippers as well, if you please,

The look on his face was PRICELESS!!!

Waiter: em…. We don’t serve none of that stuff.

Me:  “you don’t? goodness! What DO Americans have for breakfast then?”

Waiter: “well, we got eggs, scrambled or whatever, sausages, bacon, hash browns, omelet’s, pancakes, waffles, all kinds of cereal and the like.”

My sister: “goodness. All of that, but no Kippers?”

Me: “or bangers and mash for that matter.”

Waiter: (with a look on his face that said we were doing the moonwalk on his VERY LAST NERVE!) “Well, we might have them, do you know what they are called in English?”

Me: but we are speaking in English!

Waiter: “Well, in American then, Bitch!” (okay, so he didn’t SAY Bitch, but he was totally thinking it!! I swear!)  

Sadly, I could go no further, I burst into laughter.

Waiter: Ma bad, ok? It’s just, this is Boston, we stopped all of that Tea mess around the same time as the Revolutionary War, so we drink Coffee not Tea and when we say Football, we mean Tom Brady, not the Spicey girl’s husband.

My sister fell into laughter as well before saying in her most American accent: “ai’ght then dude. Can I get some scrambled eggs, with bacon and hash browns?”

Me:  “ and I’ll have a steak omelet.

Waiter: (eyes us both nastily) “y’all need to take that mess someplace else.”

It was all in good fun, but it was way too early in the morning to be messing with someone who has to spend the day on their feet for minimum wage. He probably sneezed in our food!

 I promised him a bigger tip if he could say that his name was: Pookie, June-Bug or Ray-Ray. Sadly, he couldn’t.

Oh, the things we do for friends!

December 19, 2010

What would YOU do?

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On the news just yesterday in Boston, some homeless man found a wallet full of somebody’s cash, probably their Christmas bonus or shopping money. And what does he do? He turns it in to the police who help him find the VERY happy owner.

Same thing happened not too long ago as well. Another homeless man turned in a briefcase full of cash that some careless idiot had dropped and walked away from….THOUSANDS of dollars and I do NOT mean monopoly money and he turned it in to the police who found the owner and returned the cash.

Three words: God BLESS ‘em!

In this season of giving and gross over spending and in an environment where greed is no longer a deadly sin, but a synonym for ambition and drive AND in this very sucky economy, two men who have so LITTLE that they have been reduced to living on the streets, with the entirety of their life’s worth fitting into raggedy push carts, found free money … FREE MONEY(!!!)… and they returned it to the rightful owners.

I am sure, like me, who is so broke I have decided that after 2000 years, Jesus won’t mind if I skip this one Christmas, both of these men probably, have had dreams of winning the lottery, tripping of cash, some how getting money with out having to do much for it (ok, so I am lazy too). I know I have had reams of bumping into a box of cash, left abandoned by some careless fool or … maybe of Bill gates wallet falling on my head while I am walking down an abandoned New York street (no witnesses!) Maybe I am just too crooked for my own good or maybe I need to catch some of that Christmas spirit thing that seems to be going around …….. . . .   .   .   .      . either way, when I heard the news, I was very impressed and touched and I seriously had to take stock of myself (which I hate to do) and of my life. I am broke, but at least I am employed, unlike one of these men who lost his home after he lost his job in the aftermath of the economic burst. I also have a nice warm home to go to everyday, with a roof over my head, good food, paid bills and even enough to be able to buy a book, on sale, once in a while.

……. Yet, what would I have done if I had gotten my hands on a wallet full of money? I like to say that I would return it. In fact, I believe that I would turn it in ( thanX to my dad who did his best to raise his kids right) but my shoes are VASTLY different from both of these men, who have so very much less than I do and for whom the finds would have made this Christmas worth living through and both of whom apparently, did not even have to dwell on it for 24 hours or even ‘pray’ about it, to ask God if this money wasn’t really a gift from Him (shoot, I would have asked… just to be SURE. surely, y’all understand!)

There is a popular phrase: “WWJD: What Would Jesus Do,” but forget about Jesus (for just this one second! Do NOT get to the pearly gates and mention my name oh!) what would you do? What would you have done? How strong is you need? And would it supersede your integrity?

It seems like such a simple story and the newscasters gave it less than a minute of air time, but for some reason, hearing their story filled me … finally… with the Christmas Spirit.

Hears hoping y’all have caught it already too. Merry Christmas!

November 16, 2010

Free Flying

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I got off work early on wednesday. Thursday was a holiday (Shout out to ALL the Veterans out there!) and I did myself the small favour of making it an eXtra long weekend, by taking Friday off as well.

Why?  you ask?

well, becuz I was super tired of the Rat race and felt like having some time off, plus, I had earned a few days off work and the eay I was feeling, I needed to take it… in addition to the federal holiday AND the weekend of course. Mostly, though, it was becuz my sister made me an offer, I could not refuse:

A FREE ticket to Vegas. LAS Vegas, that is. America’s play ground, baby!

…… and like most people, at the sound of the word “free”, I forgot the most cardinal of all rules concerning free stuff: “Nothing ever is.” or as they say in Nigeria: “Awoof dey run belle.”

Anyways, I left work early on wednessday, after announcing to ALL and Sundry (‘Sundry’ being EVERY one who would pay me any mind … between my workplace and the airport) that  I was off to Vegas. Las Vegas Bitches! Got to the airport so early that the airline check-in ticket counter was still closed, waited in line for almost an hour to be stripped searched and semi-sexually harrassed … in the name of security … and off to the gate I went.

Waited to be checked in … and got checked in. Waited to be boarded (on to the plane) … and got boarded (on to the plane). Waited for the plane to take off … and waited for the plane to take off…. and waited for the plane to take off …. and … got kicked off the plane!

Why? you ask?

Well, lets go back tot the FREE TICKET part of the story. Why was it a free ticket? becuz my sister works for an airline and so when a flight has seats that are unsold, she and a guest can use those seats ….. so we did. …. or tried to. Until some crazy bastards, decided that THEY too wanted to have an eXtra long weeked, showed up at the airport and at the last possible minute, bought those seats … literarily… out from under us. AND can you believe that the airlines actually gave priority to the passengers that actually PAID for their tickets? I KNOW! I am STILL in shock over that. I have paid for tickets before and I have never been given any kind of priority with an airline before.

Now, there was this Passenger service person at that airline: Carmen Bitch.and.a.half (Now, I would not take it to a bank, or a court or anything, but I swear, this is totally her real last name!) who was supposed to be helpful in assisting us to re-book on the next avaliable flight. She did.. NOT. In her little blue jetting uniform, she was super smug and took way too much enjoyment, in the LITTLE TINY POWER that she had to screw us over. Apparently, in the course of their jobs, she and my sister had had occassion to cross paths and she had come out on the bottom and now? NOW she intended to use her tiny little power on us. Three flights later… count ’em, one, two, THREE, flight later, I resigned myself to the fact that Carmen McBitchy, was going to ruin my perfect long weekend. So, I had to pack up my stuff and head on back home., pissed off and planning all the MANY ways I could take Carmen out!

when at 4am. 4AM! my phone rang. it was my sister. turnes out she had made very many plans for this weekend and No McBitchy was going to stand in her way. So, off i went to the airport… AGAIN! Checked in, stripped and was harrassed. (oh, did I mention that my body lotion  and $95 parfum was confisticated and destroyed? TSA owes me cash!) and then boarded another plane …. to New York. Yeah, I said New York, but the story started in Las Vegas you say? well, it ended there as well, with stopovers in New York and Burbank California. Plus, I got to meet and deat a few rows over from Alec Baldwin and the flight from NY to CA. Sure, it would have been better if it had been a real celebrity, (think: Young and Handsome, like say: Jensen Ackles, or Blair Underwood or Shemar Moore), but I guess thats what you get for a FREE Ticket.

October 25, 2010


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A couple of months ago, mid-summer, when the days were still long and the nights, short, I woke up super early and went out for a walk. I think I may have gone to bed a bit early the previous night, but whatever it was, by 5am, I was all slept out. So I woke up, got out of bed and with over an hour left before my day could officially begin, I put on some decent clothes and went out for a stroll along the beach.

                It was a beautiful day. The Sun had also just awoken and so after walking for about 30 minutes, I sat down on the sand, stretched out my feet and watched as it t\(the Sun) slowly and gently, but with confidence poured itself into the horizon and begin to make its way up and across the sky. As I sat and watched, the silence enveloped me and the only thing that penetrated that silence, was the sound that ocean made, as beat against the shore in a seeming reluctance to concede its inevitable border. I sat there as the Sun quickly made its way into the sky, turning everything from a dark dusk, to a misty Silver, then a pale blue, finally giving in to a rush of oranges, and reds, yellows, blues and whites. I sat there marveling until reality began to intrude, bringing with it the sounds of a waking day: car horns blaring, music pumping, lights coming on in the buildings across the street. My footsteps where no longer the only ones in the sand, as other walkers and runners began to thread their own paths and with a perhaps sad sign, I stood back up and found my way back home, eager to begin my day.

I had never woken up so early before and I always thot that I hated it, or would hate it if I ever had to. But after that, I woke up very early, as many times as I could, walked out to the beach, sat down in the sand and for 30 minutes a day, the ocean, the air, the silence, the breeze, the Sun, the silence and the beauty, were ALL mine! I discovered something about myself that day, I enjoy waking up early. (who knew!?!)

                Same thing a few weekends ago; I was bored and so when I received one of those spam emails with a recipe in it, I decided… “Hey I am bored, might as well try it.” So I went grocery shopping and as I chopped, diced, stirred and sautéed, I suddenly realized that I was enjoying myself.  I really was! I had always thot that I hated cooking, could not be bothered to do it, but for the past few weekend since, I have tried a few other recipes (my baked ziti and lemon chicken… totally killed!) and my Egusi soup was so freaking good (if I do say so myself!) Nowadays, I catch myself browsing the internet, searching for recipes to try, or ingredients to substitute for others, etc.

                Apparently, I am on a journey of re-discovery, rethinking my likes and dislikes. I like to wake up early, even now that it’s a bit cold. I wake up, bundle myself up and head out to wait for the Sun. I cook and apparently, I have a great instinct for it… (my Salmon with Pepita-butter sauce is still being talked about.) and I love to swim and even though I am no Michael Phelps (yet). A few months ago, I would have said that the only thing I really loved to do was read, but now I am down to reading just one book a week, because my time is now spent cooking, swimming and waiting for the Sun. What’s funny is now that I have started up again, I remember that I used to love to cook. I remember sitting on a small wooden stool, watching my grandmother prepare Banga soup with periwinkle … funny the things we remember. I don’t know what happened, maybe I just got too spoiled.

Now, I feel like I am re-discovering the person that I was, before I became the person that I am. It promises to be an interesting journey.

September 27, 2010

Highly Recommended!

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So, I played Hooky today. .. did NOT go in to work. .. yep.. took the day off. well, its not like I have become irresponsible in my old age  ( YES, I have been responsible, up until now… is somebody saying otherwise?… my dad doesnt count!). I woke up with a migraine, so I called out sick, took some medicine and hit the sack. When I woke up later this morning (well, about Noon, really) I felt much better so, I ca’perd the diem.

First, I went shopping. Window shopping dat it…. I am currently financially challenged, which made actual shopping a diificulty, but I strolled the mall, oogled, tasted, tried on and felt up all kinds of stuff.

then off I went to the gym… No, NOT to exercise, to swim. Yes, I said to swim. AFter a couple of decades and odd years on planet earth, I can finally swim…. and when I say Swim, I mean… keep my head above water as my body flays about gracelessly underneath the surface, but at least I float.. as opposed to sinking like a rock, which is what I used to do. All this after two months of swim lessons.  

after swimming a couple of hours, I went to the movies, walked home, relaxed as I finally finished a book I started a while ago and remembered that I havent blogged in a long long time…. so here I am blogging again.

all round, it was a nice day… even though I am nowa few bucks broker than I was yesterday

So to catch y’all up on the happenings this summer:

My sister had a baby, so now I am an aunt.

Took a FABUlous road trip to Washington DC and Baltimore.

… and ran into yet ANOTHER short guy, named……….   that’s right y’all….. Jose!! … to keep a long story short (pun intended) …  this Jose pretty much guaranteed me some mind-blowing oral sex, if I allowed him to “wet his dick.”.. and dat is a direct quote. … I am begining to suspect that some one (U know who YOU are!) is yanking my chain on this Jos’e thing.

so how y’all been?!

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